Bass Guitar Strings

It's enough work just finding a bass the suits your personal style, but strings affect your sound tremendously. From warm and rich to bright and sharp, there is a bass string for everybody. Certain genres of music respond best with certain string types, so you can choose one the suits your style. Find your favorite bassist and research them. There's a good chance the you'll find their string preferences online.

Best all around Bass Strings?

Nickel Roundwound strings are the most popular for all around use, from hip-hop to funk slap as well as rock bass and other musical genres. The D'Addario EXL170 tend to be the most popular string for bassists. If you are serious about funk slap, then try the DR Bootzillas featuring Bootsy Collins right on the package. This guy is the sole creator of the slap sound and took bass to the stratosphere with the band Parliment Funkadelic, which is the most sampled band of all time and the precursor to hip-hop as we know it. Remember that strings become dull over time, since your dead skin collects on them. Grab a can of Finger Ease and spray your strings regularly. It will extend their life and keep them sounding fresh.

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