123 Bass Tuner Instructions

  1. Click a Note on the bass tuner above. Don't forget to turn your computer speakers up.
  2. Pluck the String on your bass guitar. Notice the difference between your guitar's sound and that coming from our bass tuner
  3. Adjust your Bass string accordingly. The sound will repeat until you 'unclick' the note or select a different one

Bass Tuner

Use our tuner at any computer or mobile phone. Before you play a gig, utilize our bass tuner and rawk!

We strive to bring simplicity and fun back to the world of music, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether you play acoustic or electric, this little tool will help you reach full music potential. Find a quiet room and listen closely for that perfect pitch. Pretty soon you'll know these frequencies by memory and this is when real improvements happen.

The notes are smooth and and our interface is easy to figure out. Be sure and use quality strings and let them settle before starting your tuning.

Oh yeah--this app is free! We are the #1 source for free interactive music tools. That means you can hear a perfectly tuned string whenever you need it. Bassists can now get tuned in a flash. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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